Interested in tutoring?

Tutoring is available online and in person in Hilversum

Are you struggling with difficult subjects? Or are you running behind on material? Issues with studying, however small, can have a big impact on your grades and confidence.

For students of all ages we offer private tutoring in Mathematics (IB, wiskunde A/B) and Dutch.

Our goal is to help you understand and process material better. We also give you the freedom to ask any questions when you’re struggling. This makes it a lot easier to get better grades. By emphasising your strengths and working together on points of improvement, you will regain your confidence and can only perform better.

Where does the tutoring take place?

The tutoring takes place at the International School Hilversum (only for students of the International School Hilversum) or at the studio of StudyCircle
Online tutoring is also available, through Facetime, WhatsApp Video Chat or Discord.

How are the tutoring sessions scheduled?

Most tutoring sessions are scheduled during free school periods, weekly, on a fixed day. However it is also possible to schedule a session in the evening.
Online tutoring is also available through FaceTime, Whatsapp video Chat or Discord.

What tutoring methods are used?

Our teachers are well known with the following methods in Mathematics: Haese, Oxford, Kognity, Getal en Ruimte and Moderne Wiskunde.

How do we prepare students for exams?

One of StudyCircle‘s specialties is preparing students for the IB Mathematics exam. Please contact us for additional information.

What Dutch lessons can you take?

We offer Dutch lessons in reading, writing and conversation for IB students that are in the Diploma Programme. Adults may also apply for these lessons.

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